Appearances are Deceiving

Building something simple is often the most difficult thing to do when creating.  Let me tell you preparing a soft-boiled egg is hard!  Timing is paramount, but technique is also key. Trial and error and error and error are inevitable for a novice.

The simpler the thing the more iteration, precision, editing, and questioning required.  In my work, I have to decide what is important and how to portray the essence of a subject.  Triumph comes when I’ve made it look effortless…in this case the perfect yolk just sitting there begging for a dip.

You might be expecting me to lay out a foolproof formula for cooking soft-boiled eggs.  Alas the variables in egg size and temperature prevent such a thing.  That’s why it is an art.  Yes, cooking soft-boiled eggs is an art form.

I offer you some advice on technique and a bite of inspiration too.  Steam don’t boil.  I used a bamboo steamer.  I can’t tell you how long it will take for you to make your perfect egg, but I do have some food for thought while your timer is running.

Check out this 52 WEEKS of UX blog post titled Simplicity isn’t that Simple.

Soft-Boiled Egg

Simple is difficult


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